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"Good" (Silver-Level 3) ** "Better" (Gold-Level 2) ** "Best" (Platinum-Level 1)

Now get your coin changer repaired for as little as $24.99 plus parts and your bill acceptor repaired for as little as $30.09 plus parts.  This is the "Good' (Silver-Level 3) Rate.   You may request a copy of these rates by sending us your name, company name, address and phone number to info@eplvendingsales.com and we will forward it to you promply.  Please note on the Subject Line you are requesting the "Good, Better, Best" Labor Rates.  When reviewing these rates, each level will outline the service and warranty you receive and it is this which determines the rate you pay.


For assistance in updating your Mars, Coinco or Rowe bill acceptor or bill changer, contact us at info@eplvendingsales.com.  We are capable of performing any of these updates for you.  We hope the information we have provided below will help you.

MARS:  Updating is performed by flash programming the software into the control board.  Flash Programmable units were manufacturered starting the 45th week of 1999.  The first three numbers of the serial number designates the week and year of manufacture.  The 45th week of 1999 would therefore appear as 459 on the serial number. All units manufacturered prior to that date would need control, LED and in some cases, sensor board changes.  This can be expensive.  Contact us for special pricing. 

COINCO:  Updating is performed by flash programming.  The only boards accepting the new $5 bills in the BA. SA and MAG Series Family are the shorter MAG style boards with an EPROM Number of 67126-12 or higher.  If you have the older units containing the long style control board, you will need to install the new shorter MAG series board.  Kits are available both in BA and SA versions.

ROWE BILL CHANGERS: When updating the Rowe BC-3500 Series Bill Changer Control Computer Center, it is simply a circuit board/memory IC change which can be purchased from us and installed in the field.  Your Rowe Bill Changer Control Computer Center must already be "NEXGEN" (accepting the lastest $10 & $20 bills) in order to accept this new software.  Contact us today for the latest software.                    

REMEMBER OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT / REPAIR FACILITY:  When we repair your coin changer/coin mechanism or bill acceptor, we repair it with one thing in mind..QUALITY WORKMANSHIP!   We know your coin changer and bill acceptor units are the heart of your vending machine.  IF THEY DON'T WORK...YOUR MACHINE DOESN'T WORK....it is DEAD to everyone.  You surely DON'T need that nor do we WANT that.  In order for us to keep your machines running longer, we repair your coin changers and bill acceptors better than any other repair facility.   "TRY US - YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!"

FOR INFORMATION ON REPAIR RATES AND OUR EXTENDED WARRANTY, CONTACT US AT info@eplvendingsales.com and ask for labor rates.

MARS: MC-5000, MC-5010, MC-58XX, MC-59XX, TRC-6000, TRC-6010, TRC-6010XV,        TRC-6510, TRC-6512, VN-4000, VN-4010, VN-4510, 7512i Coin Manager.

COINCO: 3341-S, 9360-S, 9370-S, 9300-L, 9302-L, 9302-LF, 9302-GX, QUANTUM 700 SERIES CHANGERS (All Models).

MARS: VFM Series ( All Models), VN-2000 Series (All Models).

COINCO: BA30/50 Series (B & SA Models), MAG Series (All Models), BillPro Series

CONLUX / MAKA: NB-10 Series (All Models), NB2-10 Series (All Models), NB-20 Series (All Models), MKA-2000 Series (All Models), NBE-3000 Series (All Models).